Ever wondered why where you will go next? If you are looking for the best destination out there, then it’s a good idea to stick to New York. Why New York? First, let’s have to admit that this is one of the best cities out there. It has all the transportation that you will ever need. In fact, it is quite a tourist-friendly option that you don’t need to have your own car to enjoy New York as it is. You also don’t have to spend so much since there are a lot of affordable restaurants out there. Though it is one of the most expensive according to a lot of travel websites, it is all about doing your research. Try to do your homework and you will realize that it offers cheap options.

If you are going to look at the different cultures that you are going to experience in New York, you will realize that you can actually enjoy a number of cultures in one place. New York is known as a melting pot. And the good thing about this is that you can also enjoy a good number of different restaurants.